Luxury Cask Diffuser - 320ml by Antica Farmacista | Rich Cask Fragrance Diffuser | Intoxicating Cask Scented Diffuser - 320ml Apothecary Inspired

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Immerse yourself in the comforting embrace of Antica Farmacista Cask 320ml Diffuser from the Rivet Collection. This luxurious diffuser features a cozy accord of rich cognac, worn leather, and earthy tobacco, creating an intoxicating elixir that fills your space with warmth and sophistication.

Experience the layers of creamy vanilla and distilled rum, infused with a hint of rose, adding depth and complexity to the fragrance. As the scent unfolds, notes of rich cognac and worn leather emerge, complemented by the earthy undertones of tobacco, resulting in a scent that is both comforting and captivating.

Inspired by the connective power of fragrance, the Rivet Collection delivers a modern aesthetic, connecting design and destination. Housed in apothecary-inspired bottles, the fragrance permeates the air via signature reeds, providing lasting, beautiful scent. Customize the intensity of the fragrance by flipping the reeds—flip daily for a more intense aroma or weekly for a subtle, lingering fragrance that enhances any room.

Elevate your space with the intoxicating aroma of Cask. Whether you're unwinding after a long day or creating a cozy ambiance for relaxation, let the comforting fragrance transport you to a place of luxury and tranquility.

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