The Floral Society - Zinnia Illumination Seeds

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50 Seeds | Annual

These eye-catching flowers are one of the more rare varieties. Illumination offers luminous pink petals on large, double blooms that grow up to 4" across. 

Plant seeds into the garden after the last frost, When the soil is warm, sow thinly, six seeds per foot. Cover lightly but firmly. Keep surface from drying out until emergence. thin after the first true leaves appear. 

Harvest before flowers are completely open. Deadheading is necessary to prolong blooming and encourage branching. Zinnias should last 7-10 days in a vase. 

Height: 12"-18" 

Light Preference: Full Sun

Germination: 3-5 Days at 80-85 Deg. F

Plant Spacing: 9"-12", 1/4" Deep

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