The holidays are full of joy, baking, and lots of decorating. After all the festivities, it feels like there is something to be done with our space afterwards. A simple way to take on this post holiday refresh is to start with storage.


We’ve covered the versatility of trays in our blog, so you may already know why we recommend trays as a solution. Place the tray on the coffee table or a side table to corral those essentials we all have around our living spaces.


 The winter weather calls for all the extra throw blankets. A basket can be the perfect solution to the mound of blankets. They also add texture and charm to your space. Stored on a shelf or set on the floor in an intentional way, baskets can hold loose items that need to be stored away.  

Change your bathroom or kitchen storage with ceramic, concrete, or glass containers. Displaying the items in a clear glass container is beautiful and practical. You can see how much is left and when you need to restock. If your counter is cluttered and you need to conceal items, concrete or ceramic containers are a great solution.

brass boxes

In rooms with shelves, use brass boxes to hold office supplies or keepsakes. The brass finish offsets books beautifully on a shelf. Stacking the boxes can ensure the proportions on your shelf are always correct.

 With the right storage solutions, you can transform your home into a haven of peace and tranquility.

January 22, 2024 — Amanda Chando